Center for International Development

Bulk Data Downloads for The Atlas of Economic Complexity

This is a bulk-download repository of the trade data used in the Atlas of Economic Complexity. These are relatively large files, so please be respectful of our bandwidth costs and download only as much as you need.

The files are split into unilateral (country_product_year) and bilateral (country_partner_product_year) data at the four digit level. Since the bilateral data is much larger, it is split into years. Aside from this, we also provide aggregated two and one digit level unilateral data.

The data is also provided in two different classification systems, HS representing the Harmonized System (revision 1992) and SITC representing the Standardized International Trade Classification (revision 2). The HS data benefits from a more detailed list of products, but is only available from 1995, whereas SITC has a much less detailed list of products, but is available from 1962. The full listing of these classifications as used in the website (including our modifications to add "unspecified" / "trade data discrepancy" categories and a smaller single-digit level) are available in the classifications.xlsx file.

For detailed information on methodology, please see our data page on the Atlas of Economic Complexity.